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How soon can I publish my book?

That decision is entirely up to you. For paperback and hardcover books, the minimum length of time for the publishing process is approximately two months from the submission of your manuscript. Nevertheless, in self-publishing you are not rushed through the process -- the power to choose when and how to publish your book is in your hands.

What should I look for when choosing a book publisher?

You should pick a book publisher for its reliability, quality of service, and reputation. Whether you are making your debut as an author, or a published author searching for non-traditional publishing options, these are the key characteristics you should look for in your chosen book publisher.

Before you scout for a publisher, be sure that you have a clear idea of your publishing goals. If not, consider the following questions: What type of book are you planning to publish and in what genre? Are you publishing for a select audience, a niche market, or a readership? Will you require special publishing services to produce your book? Answering questions like these will give you a foundation for determining what services you'll need for you book and, ultimately, which book publisher you will work with.

If you want to know more, never be shy about checking their websites and requesting for brochures or publishing guides. Most self-publishing companies welcome speaking with authors directly, so feel free to call them to decide which one is the right fit for you. Remember, good things in come in threes, so be sure that the one you choose is reliable, reputable, and only offers top-quality service.

Is there a need for me to hire a literary agent to get published?

No. The publishing landscape has changed significantly in the last five to ten years. Self-publishing -- which involves you choosing a self-publishing firm and paying directly for your manuscript to be published -- has moved into the mainstream, becoming a legitimate alternative for writers to publish their books. Through self-publishing, you retain all your rights to your work, direct the course of publishing your book, and receive the final copy in a faster turnaround time, all without paying for the services of an agent.

Will readers be able to buy my book from booksellers and online retailers, or will I have to find ways to distribute copies of my own books?

Yes, your book will be available for purchase through retailers. With the advent of self-publishing and the rise of new book marketing channels, aspiring authors like you can have your book made available through the same online distribution channels that traditional publishers user. Family, friends and readers around the world may have access to copies of your book through popular online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among others. What makes self-publishing unique is that authors like you can purchase copies of your book at marked-down rates, allowing you to sell them on your own and make even bigger profit margins.

Can I keep the rights to my book?

Yes, absolutely. This is the distinction that separates self-publishing from traditional publishing.

If you sign a deal with traditional publishers, you will likely be required to turn over your domestic, foreign, and film rights. With self-publishing, your rights remain intact. This allows you to retain full control over the publishing and marketing direction of your book. You have the power to take your book to new markets and audiences around the country and across the globe. Self-publishing allows you to take advantages of new opportunities in other fields like film, TV, and theater, to name a few. Through self-publishing, you maintain your rights.

How do I get started?

Getting started on self-publishing your book is easy. First, you need to complete the questions on www.chooseyourpublisher.com. The answers you give on the form will become the basis for Choose Your Publisher to make recommendations and match you with book publishers that best fit your needs and goals. Don't forget to click on the box that allows you to receive e-mails from the publisher. This allows you to get promo updates and other useful information you can use as an author. Make sure that the phone number you add is one where professional publishing consultants can call you to know more about your needs, so they can recommend services that may suit your publishing goals, budget, and time line.