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Xlibris Publishing US

Xlibris Publishing has been the leading supported self-publishing services provider in the industry for nearly two decades now. To date, Xlibris has helped over 40,000 aspiring writers become authors and publish and market more than 60,000 books. This number is growing every day.

You choose to publish your work -- hence, you have the freedom to decide how you want your manuscript turned into a book. Create a black-and-white poetry collection, introduce an informative and entertaining children's book, or publish a soul-stirring romantic novel - it's all up you. Plus, pick the format you fancy, whether paperback, hardcover, e-book, leather-bound, or as an audiobook.

AuthorHouse Publishing US

AuthorHouse is the leading provider of supported self-publishing services for authors around the globe, with over 70,000 titles released. With our one-on-one support and wide range of packages and services, we provide the tools and expertise you need to make your publishing dreams a reality.

Why waste months sending query letters and receiving rejection slips when you can spend that time writing your next book? Whether hardcover, paperback or e-book, full-color or black and white, it's your book—published your way. Let AuthorHouse help you share your story with the world!

iUniverse Publishing

iUniverse continues to be a leading provider of supported self-publishing services. With our playform, authors across a vast spectrum of genres can realize their dreams of becoming a publishing author.

Our services include step-by-step guidance on how to turn your hard-earned manuscript into a published book. With the wide variety of authors and types of books that we work with, we have the resources and expertise to match your needs. On top of our finesse in publishing a manuscript, we also offer marketing and bookselling services to really give your book the most extensive reach and impact.


Xlibris Publishing UK

Enjoy full autonomy in transforming your manuscript into a published book with Xlibris Publishing . Be part of the growing number of writers who have become published authors by publishing with the leading provider of supported self-publishing services. Xlibris has helped over 40,000 writers to become authors and to publish more than 60,000 books nearly two decades now. Providing quality self-publishing services, Xlibris has built its solid reputation in the industry and continues to welcome more and more aspiring writers in turning their dreams into reality.

Express your inner bard with a timeless poetry collection. Give a gift to children and adults alike with an educational yet fun children's book. Sweep readers off their feet with your romantic novel. Whether you fancy your literary creation in paperback, hardcover, or as an e-book, or even as an audiobook, Xlibris can customize your book just the way you want it.


AuthorHouse Publishing UK

For over a decade, AuthorHouse has helped thousands of authors realize their publishing goals. With a variety of services, packages, and options, we allow you to publish your book, your way. Plus, our one-on-one support guarantees that you'll receive expert advice every step of the day.

The time spent searching for a literary agent and sending query letters could be spent working on your next book! AuthorHouse lets you be involved in every aspect of your book's design, while focusing on the part you love: the writing. Let us help you share your story with the world!


Partridge Publishing AFRICA

Share your vision, whether it is an epic adventure, life-learned lessons, or any topic that you've put your heart and soul into writing about. A rich variety of genres are welcome. Whether you prefer it to be seen in print or on a digital screen – or both – Partridge is here to bring your vision to life. Partridge helps writers and authors from across Africa in self-publishing their work, offering its services, tools, and expertise in self-publishing and marketing.

Megustaescribir Publishing

megustaescribir es la plataforma de autopublicación de Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Pone a disposición de los autores que escriben es español una amplia gama de servicios de publicació de libros. Convierte tu manuscrito en un libro publicado y disfruta de todas las opciones que te ofrecemos para hacer realidad la obra que imaginaste y distribuirla a nivel mundial.

megustaescribir is the self-publishing platform of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial. It caters to authors who want to write in the Spanish language, with an extensive range of publishing, marketing, and distribution services. Turn your manuscript into a published book and enjoy our rich spectrum of options that can give you the book you envisioned and a global distribution.

Partridge Publishing INDIA

Do you have a story to tell? Life lessons to share? Whatever your genre, whether you prefer print or digital format, Partridge is here to match your vision. Partridge helps writers and future authors from across India in turning their manuscripts into published books, offering services, tools, and expertise in the fields of self-publishing and marketing.

Xlibris Publishing AU

Entrust your book to the leader in the self-publishing industry. Publish your book with Xlibris Publishing, the trusted supported self-publishing services provider for nearly two decades now. Since 1997, Xlibris has helped over 40,000 writers publish more than 60,000 books. This number continues to grow as more aspiring writers discover Xlibris' premium services and the extensive options for self-publishing their work.

Publishing with Xlibris gives you free rein to transform your manuscript into the book you have envisioned. In all stages -- publishing, marketing, and bookselling -- you have the final say, because you decide the fate of your book. Are you a poet? A children's book author? A romantic novelist? Become the author your want to be with Xlibris. Plus, publish your work in a variety of formats -paperback, hardcover, e-book, leather-bound, or even as an audiobook, We are her to make it happen.

Partridge Publishing SINGAPORE

Do you have a tale to tell? Do you have advice to give? Whatever your genre, and whether an e-book, paperback, or hardcover, Partridge is here to match your vision. Partridge helps writers and future authors self-publish their books, offering our extensive array of tools, services, and skills in the arena of publishing and marketing.

Xlibris Publishing NZ

Xlibris is a veteran provider of supported self-publishing services, and a trusted partner to authors who want to make the most out of their hard-earned manuscripts. Each and every day, we work with authors from a great diversity of genres on helping them to publish and market their titles. Our years of experience --- now approaching two decades's worth --- have given us the knowledge of what strategies will be useful to authors, depending on their respective desires and goals. Our finesse with the digital age also makes us an excellent choice for authors who wish to harness the power of technology in publishing and marketing their books.